March 8, 2018


Area of activity

With a complete and ever-expanding array of polymers, the Plasticfibre Company turns out over 100 kinds of fibers and these products are utilized in an unlimited range of applications throughout the industrial and manufacturing sectors:


The Plasticfibre story began in Bologna back in 1959. the ability to interpret market developments combined with a persistent dedication to hard work and the achievement of quality and excellence, plus constant investments in beefing up manufacturing capacity and technical know-how, not to mention the sincere commitment and professionalism of the human resource component at all levels, have enabled Plastifibre to become one of the major international forces in this highly competitive industry, in terms of both quality and output.


Consistently perfect products, unswerving attention to ever-changing customer needs and the guaranty of maximum promptness in terms of deliveries: these are the key priorities of a company in which quality control processing, in strict compliance with modern standards of efficiency. An ongoing monitoring process makes sure that all the fibre specifications requested by each individual customer are strictly complied with these controls include carefully checking the cutting, flagging, crimping, colour and diametric consistency. Finally, every order is doubly checked one last time to make sure that customers receive exactly what they have ordered in terms of quantity and type of product.

As a guarantee of high quality standards, our company obtained the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001/2008.       

Plasticfibre’s Research and Development division, operates in close collaboration with the most prestigious research centers in Italy. Efforts are focused on projects involving applied research and technological breakthroughs leading to the development of state of the art machinery and plant equipment and the development of new polymers and additives. The wealth of knowledge generated by Plastifibre’s R&D division is one of the main contributing factors in company growth. And this enviable legacy has been placed at the complete disposal of  our customers around the world in order to guarantee the absolute quality and reliability of the product and service provided.