is the filament suitable for production of abrasive brushes, which are used in a variety of applications and provide both aggressive treatements and aesthetic finishings.
Our abrasive filaments PLASTIGRIT are manufactured from Polyamide polymer 6.6 or 6.12 ,with the addition of a charge of up to 30% of silicon carbide (SIC) or aluminum oxide (AL2O3).

The formulation with Polyamide 6.0 is recommended for dry applications, whereas the formulation with Polyamide 6.12, is suitable for any use.

The formulation with silicon carbide (SIC) is recommended for high abrasion applications. Aluminum Oxide (AL2O3) can be used for less aggressive sandings on softer materials.

Only highest quality raw materials and additives are used, in order to provide and guarantee excellent stifness and bend recovery properties.

PLASTIGRIT is subjected to a severe heat stabilization, accurate diameter check and control of grit distribution. These operations ensure that the filaments are given excellent abrasive properties, consistent performance and long lifetime, even under the most extreme working conditions.

Our standard product, available both in level and crimped version, is supplied in hanks 1200 mm long with surface lubrication. The cut length can be changed according to specific requirements.

The PLASTIGRIT product family is divided into four main product groups, based on their use and on the required degree of abrasion:

H – Hard – High Abrasion ( 24-36-46 grit)
M – Medium – Medium Abrasion (60-80-120 grit)
L – Light – Light Abrasion (180-240-320 grit)
EL – Extra Light – Extra Light Abrasion / Finishing and polishing (500 grit)