represents Plasticfibre range completion in the monofilament sector with regard to the articles for personal and environment cleaning.
The higher cost of the polymer is offset by Plastinyl’s excellent quality firmness and extraordinary performance.It featuresexcellent resistance to abrasion,superior bend recoveryand high stiffness.The Plastinyl fiber displays excellent resistance to harsh chemical and atmospheric agents, UV radiation and heat.The monofilament can be produced in different chemical formula 6.0, 6.6, 6.10 , 6.12. Version 6.0 has a greater H2O absorption property. In wet conditions it loses its stiffness partly,  therefore it is particularly suitable for applications requiring a monofilament which represents the best stiffness and good bend recovery mix.Plastinyl 6.6 is highly recommended when the stiffness is an essential prerequisite. All Plastinyl formulas are recommended for: technical brushes, industrial brushes intended for wet conditions use, hair brushes, brushes for personal use and valuable quality brushes.