As the result of painstaking research efforts involving every aspect of production, the Plasticfibre company is proud to introduce the second generation of PBT.
This superior fiber boasts considerably improved performance characteristics compared with those of the traditional versions and so it is better suited for all the various applications in which these polymers are demonstrating themselves to be ever more effective and successful.
It should be remembered that the properties displayed by PBT make it comparable or even superior to PA, whose popularity has been reinforced by the fact that there have been few alternatives, creating a sort of tradition over the many years of regular use. PBT, however, is proving itself to be an extremely viable new option. Indeed, it is suitable for all the applications typically associated with PA, in particular, industrial brushes, food-industry brushes and tooth brushes.

ECOCLEAN (this is the Plasticfibre name for PBT) is not hygroscopic. Its low water absorption rate makes it invulnerable to bacteria and allows it remain rigid even when wet. This is why this fiber is so perfectly suited for toothbrushes and all sorts of brushes that have to be used under wet conditions.

ECOCLEAN has a very high heat tolerance. Designed to withstand immersion into boiling water without suffering any shrinkage and to withstand hot air up to 130°, this product is perfectly suited for hair brushes and steam-cleaning brushes. In regard to the latter application, its excellent elastic memory enables it to withstand the excessive pressure that is sometimes exerted on brushes employed for this purpose.

ECOCLEAN has been “hyper-stabilized”. A pioneering new stabilization method improves its heat resistance while at the same time improving its elastic memory and linear stability. Already outstanding in the case of first-generation PBT, these characteristics have been emphasized and greatly improved in the improved version, as has been the extraordinary resistance to abrasion.
Industrial brush manufacturers will be very pleasantly surprised.

ECOCLEAN is made from primary materials and coloring agents that have been certified and approved by the American FDA. It is also in compliance with HACCP regulations for substances that come into contact with foodstuffs.
The field of application for this remarkable product is vast, ranging from brushes for the food industry to products for cleaning environments where it is essential to maintain extremely high levels of hygiene.

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