September 12, 2018


PLASTICFIBRE SPA was founded in 1959 in Anzola Emilia (Bologna – Italy) and soon developed into one of the most important firms for the production   of synthetic fibres for brooms, brushes and paintbrushes.

Today, these monofilaments are used in a variety of industrial and manufacturing sectors:

Personal and Household Hygiene, Food Industry Hygiene, Professional and Industrial Cleaning, Industrial components, ornaments and sport.

Plasticfibre prides itself in being the first monofilament producing Company to offer a complete range of monofilaments at different prices , as a function of the polymer used, but always with highest standards of quality :

PA (Plastinyl) – Abrasive PA (Plastigrit) – PBT (Ecoclean) – PET (Ecoster) – PP (Emilen) – PS (Ecostil) – SAN (Ecosan)   – PE (Politex) – PVC (Plasticrin)

The classification of our products is related to the different polymers used, and for each fibre it is possible to find the indication of its major applications to the page MONOFILAMENTS APPLICATIONS