Due to its particular set of characteristics and excellent quality, ECOCLEAN ranks as one of the finest examples of the PLASTICFIBRE range of products. As a matter of fact, PBT, one of the most advanced primary materials used by the company, is utilized to produce this state-of-the-art fiber which boasts the highest level of advanced technological contents of all Plasticfiber products. The ECOCLEAN fiber displays excellent bend recovery as well as excellent resistance to abrasion, harsh chemical agents and UV radiation. Thanks to its remarkable versatility it may also be used as a valid alternative to PA, even when it comes to the most sophisticated applications. It’s main selling points are clearly its suitability for applications involving contact with food products, its complete absence of hygroscopicity, its strength and color fastness. Since this fiber can be sterilized at extremely high temperatures, it is perfect for food-industry brushes.